2010: I am updating this to say that all I’m taking now is Synthroid.  I’ve been told that is non-negotiable.  I’m holding on taking anything for RA since I was so sick all the time that I did my immunosuppressant cocktail.  Although I worry about the long-term damage this may present, I’m having to deal with “the now” of being healthy to show up for a job each day.

2009: I thought it might be helpful to list my meds here.  I know that I do not have the massive amount of pills that mom takes.  Thank God for that.  She has monumental monthly pharmacy bills.  I do okay for the costs as I’m really fortunate to have a great health care plan.

.15 MG Synthroid 1 x day

.8 ML Methotrexate 1 x week

200 MG Plaquenil 2 x day

750 MG Salsalate 1-2 x day

20 MG Omeprazole 1 x day

200 MG Topamax 2 x day (for migraines)

1 MG Folic Acid, 1500 MG MSM, 1000 MG Calcium w Vitamin D, 1 B-50 tablet, 1000 MG Fish Oil, 3 Acai Berry tablets (because I saw some stupid ad and bought these suckers), and the Tylonol 3 (with Codine) as needed at night (although I rarely, rarely use these since it rips up my stomach).

Everyday I attempt to drink Green Tea in the morning and Daffodil Tea in the evening.