I’m currently a high school English teacher.  I grade papers like I breathe.  I’m also the head coach for the boys’ and girls’ tennis teams.  I continue to coach private lessons at an indoor club year round and run day-long summer tennis camps at various facilities in the area.  Prior to my career shift into teaching, which was sparked knowing that my R.A. would make full-time tennis coaching tough, I also worked in advertising and marketing.  I live in a Chicagoland suburb, keeping me close to my family.  This is helpful as we often need to lean on each other.

I was officially diagnosed with R.A. in the summer of 2008.  I do believe I had symptoms for at least a year leading up to that.  I was nine years old when my mom was diagnosed with R.A. in 1983 (although she suffered for two years prior to finally meeting with a Rheumatologist and getting on medication).  R.A. has been a part of my life, both growing up witnessing my mother’s struggle and dealing with my own issues now.

I do write a lot – that is the English nerd in me.  I blog here and also work on freelance projects.  As a coach, I have also presented speeches that parallel athletics to life.  I enjoy writing and sharing my experiences of coaching top-notch student-athletes across the span of a decade.  I feel blessed that my R.A. didn’t strike until after I had managed to develop such a great group of young tennis stars.

I invite you to read along as I will attempt to make a weekly post here.