I didn’t publish on Saturday night because I was up late celebrating my sister’s birthday.  It was a fun night, but maybe a little too fun.  I didn’t get to sleep until 2 a.m.  The next morning I was dead.  My throat was sore, I had a cough, and my head was pounding (no, not from any drinking).  I pulled myself together to go teach tennis.  The nodule in my right hand was especially irritated.  I knocked out my 5 hours and was happy to head home and get into my pajamas and robe.  I had a fever and I was freezing.  One of the associated conditions that goes with R.A. is Raynaud’s: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/raynauds-disease/DS00433

This happens to me from time to time where my fingers get almost blue.  I can’t get warm enough to be comfortable.  I will sit ontop of my hands, hoping that my body heat will help.  I will also run my hands under warm water.  This is nice too and makes me wish I could just spend some quality time on a vacation somewhere warm with water.  How about here: http://www.bibleplaces.com/deadsea.htm

Yeah, The Dead Sea.  Apparently it can help R.A.  I think that would be nice.  Unfortunately, in this economy I will not be enjoying any vacations any time soon.  I was thinking about travel.  My mom claimed that her R.A. flared up due to flying.  She says that traveling is so awful with R.A. because of the shifts in pressure.  HERE IS MY QUESTION???  Is this for real?  I have not ever felt a flare up brought on by flight.  But, I’d love some feedback on whether or not this is possible.  Please leave me your comments.

Other than luggin’ luggage, I can’t imagine that travel is a health threat.  So what else can send an R.A. patient into extreme suffering.  I’ve determined it is just getting rundown.  I’ve been kicking things at high gear for so long that I don’t know any other speed.  Prior to starting this blog I was laid up for one week with a double ear infection. I had vertigo so bad that I was on anti-vertigo and anti-nausea medications.  Such extreme illness is the only thing that will force me to take it down a notch.  The medications caused me to sleep the whole first week of January.  I missed work.  Upon my return, I not only went full throttle at my normal activities, but also had to play catch up.  Add to that the start of my pre-season boys’ team 6:30 a.m. lifting sessions, and I was going right back into rundown mode again.  I realized that my body could guage “crashes” to my days off.

Thus, knowing that I was feeling dead tired Thursday and Friday, it is no shock that I have spent my three day weekend fighting some upper-respiratory thing.  So, listening to my body, I took it easy.  I slept in on Saturday, Sunday, and today.  I’m going to bed early tonight.  I started using my Flonase again.  There is nothing else out there that seems to help me as much as that stuff.  I’m drinking fluids, popping vitamin C, and filling up the vaporizor.  The one thing that I didn’t do was dry my hair all the way prior to running outside into 25 degree cold air.  Isn’t that “an old wives’ tale” about catching a cold that way?  I don’t know if it is psycho-somatic, but my cough was WAY worse today.  I’m hoping that I get better this week.

So because I am still so rundown/sick I still have yet to take an injection.  My R.A. symptoms are pretty bad.  I have extreme stiffness and my pinky and ring fingers are very knobby and curled up.  My neck has been very stiff too.  I even had a dream where my stiff neck prevented me from turning my head while driving.  And, for the first time ever, I had jaw pain.  I’m a frequent gum chewer, and today when I popped in a piece of gum it actually hurt to chew it.  That was frustrating, yet made me consider the chewing-pain factor might develop into a positive situation whereby I must only drink protien shakes!  That could be beneficial – for a while, at least.

Lastly, I checked out some compression/warmth gloves online.  They are $30 (which is a lot for me to spend).  Here is the page, I’d love some feedback on whether or not these actually help and are worth the cost: http://www.arthritissupplies.com/site/371928/product/ATS8199

As always, thank you for reading and for any helpful comments/feedback.